The innovators: how a group of hackers, geniuses and geeks created the digital revolution.

9:22 AM

The author focuses his analysis in the conditions surrounding of each innovation. He describes the milestones and the personalities of the most important characters that shaped our current digital society. 
The book details the genesis of inventions and innovations of the essential milestones such as the first calculating machines, the first multi-purpose and programmable computer, the first softwares, the chip, the microprocessor and many more elements. 
Ada Lovelace, Alain Turing, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are some of the protagonists of this digital revolution timeline. An amazing quest, by the way.
The journey of the book, even if it can be affected by the author's bias, it is quite a fascinating trip for those interested in knowing the roots of the essential elements of our current digital world. 

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