How having an artist perspective can boost customer loyalty.

10:43 AM

Art and business seem to be two different realms, but they are actually very much alike. It's quite clear how an artist career can be boosted when business practices get involved (hopefully the artist being still alive!). However, the opposite has been underestimated historically.

Companies can nurture from the powerful and passionate perspective triggered by artistic creations. Adjusting their corporate policies and guidelines as if they were artists working on a masterpiece, business units will be able to produce more innovative and engaging products and services. As a result of this, customer loyalty to the company will increase.
Following the artist path... OK... but how exactly can that thought be applied to the business world?

Artists show their audacity when pouring all their heart out into each painting. Their internal ideals and visions of the world are shown through their unique points of view. Just like a company can read the trends of the market, imagine a new universe and thus make it happen.

The dynamics that drive the artistic process -the rough sketching, the technique selection, the color palette choice and the elegant paintbrushes- define a rhythm that can transform a reality and create a new aesthetic icon. The same process can take place when a company launches a new innovative product or solution that generates a path to follow for the rest of the industry.

All paintings are born with a simple idea or concept. This initial vision, after being elaborated with the experience and the expertise of the artist, becomes a captivating picture. I imagine this approach being used when a company develops an idea in a brainstorming session which after being analyzed, generates a polished product or service.

Art exhibitions generate proximity between the paintings and the spectators. This unique link is different for each individual. This instant is a snapshot that freezes time and generates a feeling as only a few events do. Design your products and services with this picture in mind and customers will be undoubtedly engaged.

Artists open their soul in each artwork. Their dreams and passions aretransparent to the public in art exhibitions. Art exhibitions reflect artists styles that resemble business portfolios. All the visions and values are the underlying asset that can be easily associated with artworks. Don't let your business portfolio reflect a short-sight vision and non truthful values. Be transparent, and customers will be connected to your true values, and they will keep on choosing you.

If you start polishing your corporate guidelines at every level using the perspective of an artistyour products and services will bloom and your customer loyalty will rocket.

Esteban Etcheverry
Technology enthusiast, avid book reader and devoted art lover.

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